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Spring Allergy Relief: 6 Natural Remedies

Spring Allergy Relief: 6 Natural Remedies

Spring time is a glorious time of year unless you suffer with seasonal allergies. Not only does everything start blooming and releasing pollens but there is usually a fair amount of mold as well from the decomposing plant matter of the previous year. It can hit you on many levels with sinus or chest congestion, sneezing and itchy watery eyes. Fortunately nature also provides a plethora of remedies for the allergies it can cause.

Nutritional Herbs & Plant Extracts

Nutritional supplements that contain herbs and other plant extracts work well for alleviating allergy symptoms. Perilla Seed Extract has traditionally been used to promote healthy immune response and a healthy respiratory system. Quercetin and stinging nettle leaf have also been used for allergy relief. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help relieve mucous membrane tissues caused by allergic reactions. Supplements with Vitamin C have a mild anti-histamine effect and can also help boost your immune system. Taking Vitamin D supplements helps all areas of your immune system as well as other aspects of your health.

Fruits & Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always good for your health but it’s especially important when your immune system is challenged. Juicing is also very beneficial as it can deliver a high dose of the necessary and helpful nutrients in an easy to drink serving. You want to make sure you have more vegetables in your juice than fruits however so you don’t have an excess of sugars. A good rule is to juice as many vegetables as you like and add a small amount of fruit for the taste.

Foods to Avoid

It’s also important to be aware of the foods that will actually hinder your immune response and make your allergies worse. If you know you are sensitive to a certain food you should definitely avoid it if you are also experiencing challenges due to seasonal allergies as it will make all the allergic reactions worse. You should also keep away from dairy products if you are experiencing a lot of congestion because dairy products tend to cause more phlegm. Also stay away from processed sugar. It can lower your immune response for several hours after you eat it and may cause your system to be more taxed by allergies.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be beneficial when dealing with allergies. Oils such as Eucalyptus, Mint or Lavender can help keep your sinuses and airways open and flowing freely. You can carry it with you and inhale it when needed, buy a diffuser to have it in the air at home or at work or put it on your pillow at night to help you breathe freely while you sleep. There is also diffuser jewelry available that has a sponge you can soak with any oil you like cleverly disguised in a pendant or even earrings.

Homeopathic Remedies

There are homeopathic remedies available that work wonders on allergies. They tend to be a mix for either specific allergies like trees, weeds, molds, or that come in a combination for seasonal allergies. They are easy to take and work very well for children who might not be able to take any capsules or tablets. They also work for pets who suffer from allergies.

 6 Natural Remedies for Spring Allergy Relief Infographic

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