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Free fast shipping. Same day fulfillment on orders placed before 3 pm CST.

Life Extension

About Life Extension

Since 1983, Life Extension has been conducting groundbreaking medical research and funded more than $175 million for anti-aging and disease research. Life Extension is notable for being leaders in promoting low-dosage aspirin therapy against heart attacks.

Life Extension was also the first to recommend CoQ10 for cardiovascular health and the first to suggest the usage of omega-3s fish oil for better cardiovascular health.

In 1992, Life Extension introduced melatonin to the United States as anti-aging therapy. After 1995, melatonin became a mainstream supplement available for purchase in most health food stores. In 1997, Life Extension discovered a compound denosyl-methionine (SAMe) that safely helped alleviate symptoms associated with depression, arthritis, and certain liver disorders. It was only 13 years later that a Harvey study finally confirmed that the usage of SAMe was effective for patients with depression.

After 12 years of appealing for FDA approval, the FDA finally approved an antiviral drug ribavirin for use in hepatitis C patients in 1998. In the ensuing years, Life Extension continued their medical research as well as introducing new and innovative products. In 2015, Life Extension formulated a supplement with concentrated pollen extracts that promote prostate health and urinary health.

Life Extension has earned GMP registration from NSF International, source raw materials for their nutritional supplements and develop science-based supplements to provide the most nutritional potency for their products.