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Free fast shipping. Same day fulfillment on orders placed before 3 pm CST.

Vitamin D

About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is most recognized for supporting bone health. Although the body can produce it's own vitamin D by exposing the skin to sunlight, the use of sunscreen prevents the body from actually making vitamin D. Some additional sources of vitamin D is available in foods such as eggs, fatty fish, liver, and milk.

Vitamin D has been used for pain relief, facilitate proper calcium absorption, improve the immune system, and promote optimal cardiovascular health. Vitamin D supplements can also maintain strong bones, cells, muscles, and teeth.

Studies have shown that vitamin D may also play an important role in reducing the risk of rickets in children as well as bone loss in adults. Vitamin D has been successful in treating seasonal affective disorder. Older people are at an increased risk for vitamin D deficiency.

While taking Vitamin D3 daily helps symptoms of S.A.D. (seasonal effective disorder) and is being studied for it’s benefits in protecting against cancer, auto immune disorders and diabetes, the main reason we recommend Vitamin D3 for boosting your immune system. Health officials say that every winter 5–20 percent of the population catches the flu. Several studies in U.S. and Canada, have found that using higher doses of vitamin D3 lowers the incidence and severity of influenza.

Vitamin D3 protects the body by releasing antibiotics (antimicrobial peptides) affecting the immune system by: promoting phagocytosis (the consumption and destruction of particulate matter; such as, viruses), anti-tumor activity, and immunomodulatory functions; In other words, fine-tuning the immune system. The Vitamin D3 Council has reported that 5,000 IU should be taken daily.