Schedule a Consultation

Why are some brands restricted?

Some brands require a consultation by a licensed health care professional before being able to order their products. This is to ensure that the supplements they are taking are aligned to the manufactures intentions and the wellness of customer is first and foremost. The free consultation will go over your current supplement protocol and go over some basic health questions. 

If you've already gone through this consultation process with Blue Sky Vitamin, then you already have access to these products. Visit your account login page to login and view the products. 

Currently Restricted Brands:

  • Xymogen

Dr. Ledoux’s Consultation Services

To establish a patient and doctor relationship, discuss nutritional concerns, have questions about products and supplements, or to schedule an in-depth and personalized consultation with Dr. Ledoux.

What will happen after I submit the form?

Once the form has been filled out and submitted, you will be directed to a page with appointment openings. You can choose the a day and time to schedule your consultation. Our consultation hours are from 9:00am - 4:00pm CST Monday - Friday.