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Free fast shipping on all orders over $20. Same day fulfillment on orders placed before 3 pm CST Mon-Fri.

Women's Health

About Women's Health

Women in the 21st century have more choices available than ever, but also feel more stresses and challenges than ever before. In order to maintain good health to ensure the necessary energy to pursue both professional and personal responsibilities and tasks, women need to make sure that their diet contains a broad spectrum of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that meet the specific needs of women's health.

Although most women strive to exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other whole foods, nutritional gaps can occur when busy schedules make eating on the run a necessity.

Supplements are a smart way to fill in those missing elements that women may not obtain from their dietary choices. In particular, women need to pay attention to the changing needs of their body as they pass through puberty, child-bearing years, menopause and beyond.

One of the most important supplements for women of all ages are antioxidants, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They play a large role in protecting cellular structure from the oxidative damage that can be caused by scavenging free radicals. Beta-carotene, converted into Vitamin A in women's bodies, promotes healthy eyesight, skin and soft tissue.

Three of the B family of vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are important for women for cognitive health in addition to helping regulate metabolism, the shifting of food into energy. In addition, these B Vitamins replenish red blood cells and support good spinal and brain health.

Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, is necessary for bone and teeth health and for preventing osteoporosis in elderly women. Vitamin K is also important during a woman's senior years to promote ongoing bone health and facilitating the clotting of blood.