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Free fast shipping on all orders over $20. Same day fulfillment on orders placed before 3 pm CST Mon-Fri.

Joint Support

About Joint Support

There is no physical activity that can be accomplished by the body without the help of its joints, those points where two bones meet and are held together with ligaments. As the body ages, however, pain and inflammation as well as deterioration can make joints stiff and uncomfortable. And unless there is enough synovial fluid available to lubricate our joints, making flexible movement possible, joint pain may become a chronic issue, leading to decreased physical activity.

It's important to nourish and protect the health of the body's joints by providing adequate joint support in the form of a healthy diet, moderate exercise and joint support supplements that contain ingredients with a proven ability to keep the joints well lubricated, flexible and mobile. Antioxidants are among the most important nutrients for preventing damage to the joints, as these agents fight the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Among the most potent antioxidants are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium.

Getting an adequate supply of fatty acids through foods and supplements is essential for proper joint support as these can help to prevent or alleviate painful swelling and inflammation in the joints. Omega-3s from fish oils are the most common beneficial type of fatty acids. Glucosamine, comprised of glucose and glutamine, is another key dietary supplement that helps to build and repair joint cartilage, which is subjected day in and day out to ongoing wear and tear.

Chondroitin is often combined with glucosamine to help increase joint lubrication to prevent stiffness. Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, helps joint tissues to heal following strenuous activity. And hyaluronic acid helps to stimulate the body's natural production of the synovial fluid that keeps joints well lubricated and ready for action. Shop through our supplements for joint health online today!