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Flu Prevention - Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

Flu Prevention - Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

It’s “flu season” and there is often a lot of news stories about health issues this time of year. Many people wonder how to prevent getting sick. What to do if you do get sick? The flu and common colds are big business for over the counter medicines and other drugs. The media and the drug companies would have everyone scared to death of every little sniffle.

Let’s try to take a more balanced, less reactionary approach. One based in common sense and natural remedies. Let’s break it down, the flu is a viral infection that your immune system is naturally designed to fight off. But our immune systems are not what they should be most of the time. We have a lot of stressors in our lives. Work, family schedules, emotional stress, poor diet choices etc. All these stress the body and stress lowers the immune system. Certain foods lower the immune system in and of themselves such as sugar, alcohol, and fast foods laden with preservatives and unnatural ingredients. You might notice that more people get sick around the holidays. That is not necessarily because it’s winter, it’s because most people eat a lot of sugary foods and things that stress their immune systems along with being indoors with everyone’s germs. With our children, they are much less careful about covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze and they tend to eat a lot more sugary foods as well. Teenagers are keeping crazy schedules with sports, extracurricular activities and homework and often to do not get enough rest. That is true for a lot of people. More sleep would go a long way towards boosting their natural immunity.

There are some things you can do to help your immune system stay strong. Obviously eating a healthy diet that includes more vegetables and fruit than sugar and starch is a great start. Getting enough rest, especially when you feel you are coming down with something. Don’t just push on, take a break, and take a nap! Cancel a few things and give your body time to do what it needs to do.

You can also take some natural products that help boost your immune system and fight off viruses if you catch one.

  • Immune boosting combinations: A well-rounded immune building formula might include Vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms, and immunologically essential zinc. Echinacea, Goldenseal, olive leaf extract and other anti-viral herbs could also be included. Many supplement companies have a variety of immune boosting supplements. Do a quick search on our site and you’ll find one that’s right for you.
  • Probiotics: It is essential balance intestinal the immune system and therefore boost your systemic immune system. There are many new studies out that show the relationship between healthy gut flora and a healthy immune system.
  • D3 5000: There is data showing immunity to flu with even a modest dose of 2000 IU’s per day, depending on a person’s Vitamin D levels. What is often recommended is the 5000 IU as most peoples Vitamin D levels are low, especially in the northern states and especially in the winter. It comes in capsules, chewables and even liquid Vitamin D for children with a lower dose.
  • Influenzinium: This is a homeopathic remedy that you can take once a week to avoid getting the flu. If you do get ill, you can take it every hour to get healthy faster.

Just using common sense in you eating and activity choices as well as some basic supplements can keep you much healthier over the winter season.  If you would like more information about immune health, probiotics or Vitamin D you can look at our other blogs on these subjects.

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