Zinc Picolinate 60 caps by Progressive Labs

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The Zinc Picolinate by Progressive Labs is an essential supplement that helps support enzyme functions. These all-natural capsules contain highly bioavailable zinc that helps transport minerals throughout the body and aids with absorption. The Zinc Picolinate by Progressive Labs contains nutrients that help to raise serum zinc levels and:

• Help to promote a healthy immune system and supports normal taste and vision
• Essential for helping organisms function normally within the body
• Aids in supporting endocrine and immune neurological systems
• Promotes a healthy overall skeletal system

The Zinc Picolinate by Progressive Labs provides the body essential zinc that is the mineral co-factor for enzymatic reactions. These all-natural capsules aid the body in carbohydrate metabolism, intercellular signaling, and RNA/DNA synthesis. The Zinc Picolinate by Progressive Labs plays a critical role helping the body defend against oxidative processes. This supplement promotes the maintenance of healthy aging and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

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60 caps