Vitamin D3 Liquid Vegan .3 fl oz by Pure Encapsulations

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Vitamin D3 Liquid Vegan by Pure Encapsulations is a dietary supplement designed to support optimal functioning of the immune system in addition to promoting healthy bone, cardiovascular, breast, colon and prostate function. The Vitamin D featured in the Vitamin D3 Liquid Vegan from Pure Encapsulations formula is derived from lichen that have been sustainably harvested. This is an excellent plant-derived alternative to Vitamin D in cholecalciferol form sourced from either lanolin or fish oil, making it suitable for those who follow vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. This supplement offers an array of nutritional benefits for several essential systems in the body in a delicious-tasting hypoallergenic liquid formula.

Men and women who incorporate Vitamin D3 Liquid Vegan from Pure Encapsulations into their dietary regimen on a daily basis can expect to enjoy a number of significant health benefits:

  • Supports optimal functioning of the immune system for protection against bacterial and viral infection.
  • Promotes strong and healthy bones and teeth.
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Supports breast health and proper prostate function.
  • Promotes healthy functioning of the colon to support regular bowel movements for fast elimination of waste materials.
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3 fl ounce