Venous Support 90 vcaps by Progressive Labs

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The human circulatory system is a super highway through which oxygen-rich blood reaches every organ and cell. Aging and illness can cause this system to break down in variety of ways that then result in different health problems, including weakened blood vessels, painful and swollen varicose veins and blockages from plaque and clots. Venous Support by Progressive Labs is designed to improve blood vessel health and promote a healthy circulatory system.

  • Venous Support by Progressive Labs contains the flavone diosmin that supports normal capillary permeability and improves vein tone.
  • It also contains the vasoprotective flavonol troxerutin that helps repair damaged capillaries and veins and maintain their normal function.
  • Hesperidin extract in Venous Support by Progressive Labs Hesperidin offers 40 percent bioflavonoids to keep capillaries healthy. It also aids in tissue formation.
  • Lastly, hypromellose capsules provide people on the go a convenient way to take this supplement.
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90 vcaps