VasoBlend by Vitanica

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VasoBlend by Vitanica is a vital supplement for helping to improve the circulatory system. Processed foods contain ingredients that can clog the arteries and increase the blood pressure and risk of heart disease and strokes. Vitanica's VasoBlend can help promote a health cardiovascular system providing the following benefits:

  • Supplement is essential for supporting cardiac tone
  • Magnesium provides adequate nutritional support
  • Contains only natural ingredients essential for heart health
  • Olive leaf and garlic extract promote a healthier cardiovascular system

Regardless your age, maintaining a healthy blood pressure will protect the body from dangerous diseases. Processed foods and those high in fats contribute to poor circulatory system diseases. VasoBlend may help to enhance connective tissue within the bloodstream, improving the flow of blood, reducing circulatory inflammation, stabilizing capillary integrity, and thereby improving the overall venous function and tone.

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Heat Sensitive Product
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90 vcaps