Hydration I.V. Elect Drink 16 pckts by Trace Minerals Research

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Hydration I.V. Hydrate faster! Hydration I.V. is a great-tasting, electrolyte drink mix that has been carefully formulated with 20 times the hydrating power of water because of its full spectrum of electrolytes. Dont reach for a sports drink when youre thirsty! Hydration I.V. has 3 times the electrolytes, 1/3 the sugar and carbs and Ω the calories of a regular sports drink, plus 5 essential vitamins for energy and recovery! Plus, Hydration I.V. is gluten free, certified vegan, Non-GMO and contains no harmful dyes or other junk youll find in a sports drink.

Hydrate faster* - 20x the hydration of water*
Full spectrum electrolytes
5 essential vitamins - Non-GMO

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Heat Sensitive Product
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16 packets