T Cell Formula 60 caps by Ecological Formulas

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T Cell Formula by Ecological Formulas is an advanced immune booster. Taking it daily is like getting glandular therapy in capsule form. By mimicking the function of the thymus gland, it generates new T cells, the backbone of your immune system.

  • Thymosins are tiny proteins that interact with the immune system. They have been shown to boost immunities in animals with very low immune health.
  • Thymic humoral factor is a component in organ transplant medication. It prevents your body from attacking itself, directing it to recognize threats instead.
  • Vitamin C protects your organs against external threats.
  • This Ecological Formulas supplement contains tissue derived from lambs.

When you take T Cell Formula from Ecological Formulas, you're giving your body an extra dose of the substances produced by your thymus gland. Supplements like T Cell Formula augment your glandular functions, fending off autoimmune disease and other ailments.

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