PureLean Fiber 345 gms by Pure Encapsulations

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PureLean Fiber 345 gms is a dietary supplement that promotes satiety and enhances digestive health. This Pure Encapsulations product contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, which work together to normalize bowel regularity, get rid of abdominal discomfort, and more.


  • PureLean Fiber 345 gms contains a number of soluble fibers, which are derived from sources such as apple pectin, guar gum, and prune powder. These fibers absorb water, which promotes satiety and healthy bowel function.
  • This Pure Encapsulations product contains insoluble fibers derived from flaxseed and cellulose. They enhance gastrointestinal motility and promote colon health.
  • The supplement may also help the intestines maintain the appropriate level of acidity.
  • Glucomannan may help people manage weight.

PureLean Fiber 345 gms combines a number of potent fibers to improve digestive function and control weight. This Pure Encapsulations product is recommended for people with digestive problems searching for an effective fiber supplement.

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345 Grams Powder