Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg 50 caps by Montiff

by Montiff
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Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg by Montiff is a dietary supplement that produces analgesic effects in the body in order to alleviate pain. The main ingredient featured in Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg by Montiff is an amino acid known as D-phenylalanine. Scientific research has proven that D-phenylalanine works to successfully block the actions of the carboxypeptidase A enzyme that is responsible for degrading the endorphins that serve as natural pain killers throughout the body. This supplement is especially beneficial for athletes, individuals who have experienced a recent injury, as well as men and women entering their senior years with back and joint pain.

Individuals who take Pure D-Phenyl Relief 500 mg by Montiff on a daily basis can experience a number of valuable health benefits:

  • Supports natural relief from chronic pain, especially in the back and joints.
  • Helps raise endorphin levels to block pain.
  • Aids in raising pain thresholds.
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