Pregnenolone 50 mg 60 tabs by Allergy Research Group

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Pregnenolone by the Allergy Research Group supports healthy adrenal function. The most prevalent adrenal steroid found in the body is dehydroepiandrosterone. When DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands, it moves through the body and eventually transforms into estrogen, androgen and other hormones. Pregnenolone 50 mg helps to improve this process by encouraging healthy adrenal function. Allergy Research Group has also formulated Pregnenolone 50 mg to help fight inflammation in the body.

  • The hormones produced by the adrenal glands control the metabolism of fats and minerals in the body.
  • Pregnenolone 50 mg aids the adrenal gland in the production of endocrine and energy controlling hormones.
  • This product from Allergy Research Group also aids the adrenal glands in the production of cortisol, which promotes a healthy immune system and cardiovascular health.
  • Pregnenolone 50 mg also supports a healthy uterine lining, which may give women more regular menstrual cycles.
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