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A healthy pregnancy begins prior to conception. Pregnancy Prep by Vitanica is a multi-purpose supplement for women who are trying to conceive or expecting to become pregnant soon. This supplement contains two natural substances found to support women's fertility; red raspberry leaf and Vitex. Pregnancy Prep by Vitanica has the following uses and benefits:

Regulating the menstrual cycle and reducing amenorrhea
Increases and balances hormones related to ovulation
Prolonging the luteal phase of the cycle, which increases the chance of becoming pregnant
Decreases the risk of endometriosis and uterine fibroids
Helps tone the muscles of the uterus in preparation for pregnancy

Pregnancy Prep by Vitanica can also help increase energy levels, decreasing vitamin deficiencies, help purify the skin and the blood, and support the immune system in preparation for a healthy pregnancy. Some women also use this supplement to help decrease their risk of miscarriage if they do become pregnant.

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120 vcaps