Pineal Concentrate 90 caps by Progressive Labs

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Pineal Concentrate is a dietary supplement that enhances the health of the pineal and pituitary glands. By helping to normalize the functions of these glands, this Progressive Labs product provides a number of health benefits, as the glands impact many of the body's functions.


  • Pineal Concentrate is a raw glandular concentrate that contains raw porcine bone marrow, raw bovine pineal, and raw bovine pituitary. This supplement is formulated so that it can be effectively incorporated into the body's glands.
  • Because it provides support to the pineal gland, this Progressive Labs supplement helps to normalize the production of important hormones like serotonin.
  • Because it provides support to the pituitary gland, it helps to normalize testosterone and estrogen production, childhood growth, and more.
  • Pineal Concentrate may also enhance the fundamental structure of the glands.

This Progressive Labs supplement is recommended for people who want to better regulate hormone secretion.

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