PhytoprofenVET 60 soft chews by ThorneVet

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PhytoprofenVET by Thorne Vet is a dietary supplement for dogs, cats and horses designed to support normal inflammatory response to help speed healing of injuries as well as minimize bruising and swelling following surgery. Thorne Vet uses a unique mixture of botanic extracts, including curcumin, boswellia and ginger combined with bromelain to create the formula for PhytoprofenVET. In addition to featuring a synergistic blend of Aruyedic herbs proven effective at supporting normal inflammatory response in animals, this formulation also features CurcuVET, a curcumin/phosphatidylcholine phytosome that clinical studies show offers superior absorption in order to achieve optimal results.

Dog, cat and horse owners who treat their pets with PhytoprofenVET from Thorne Vet as directed can expect their animals to experience several key health benefits:

  • Supports normal inflammatory response.
  • Helps to alleviate tenderness and inflammation.
  • Aids in speeding the healing of injuries.
  • Helps to minimize swelling and bruising following surgical procedures.
  • Supports health and repair of connective tissues.
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60 Soft Chews