Detox IN Guard by PERQUE

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Your body is assaulted every day by thousands of toxins, from pesticides and herbicides to heavy metals and food additives. All those harsh chemicals take a toll on your immune and nervous systems as they work constantly to detox. This means lower energy levels, decreased resistance to pathogens, and higher stress levels. Give your body a helping hand with PERQUE’s Detox IN Guard Tablets, a special combination of amino acids, minerals, and lipotropic factors (fat metabolizers). These ingredients help rid the body of toxins and work to reduce cellular acids. Detox IN Guard improves your neuroimmune and cardiovascular functions by supplying amino acids such as methionine and glycine. It also contains ascorbyl palmitate, a fat soluble and highly bioavailable form of vitamin C that works as a strong antioxidant.

Detox IN Guard Tablets by PERQUE:

  • Are 100% bioavailable
  • Are guaranteed to maintain full potency during shelf life
  • Are BPA, phthalate, and solvent free
  • Have no GMOs
  • Are gluten, dairy, soy, corn, MSG, and citrus free
791760015907, 791760016003
Heat Sensitive Product
Manufacturer's Item Number
159 | 160
60/180 Tablets