Let There Be Peace & Quiet Relaxing Kit By Now

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Let There Be Peace & Quiet Relaxing Kit By Now is a package of four essential oils for aromatherapy. There is no doubt that fragrance oils have become widely popular and are fast replacing air sprays and candles. The kit contains some of the best fragrance oils on the market,including lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and peaceful sleep oils. These products are made of highly concentrated and natural ingredients sourced from the plants, seeds, and flowers for each of the oils. Each essential oil has a strong and pleasing aroma to give your home or workplace a nice scent. A few drops of oil can make all the difference to change a damp or stuffy-smelling room by giving it a garden-like scent.
These products are made in high-quality facilities where the oils are extracted through cold press and steam distillation. Oils contain stress alleviating properties and may induce a relaxing and peaceful environment. This kit contains clean ingredients that are safe to inhale or touch. For aromatherapy purposes, you may dilute these essential oils with carrier oils like olive, jojoba, almond, or grape-seed oils.

Let There Be Peace & Quiet Relaxing Kit By Now contains essential and fragrance oils that provide these benefits:

  • Sweet-smelling scent to your home or workplace
  • Induces peacefulness and relaxation
  • Helps reduce stress

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