Neprinol AFD 90 caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc.

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Neprinol AFD 90 Caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. is a dietary supplement designed to provide defense against the damaging effects of fibrin in the body. Fibrin, an insoluble protein that is formed during the blood clotting process, begins to build up over time in the bloodstream, forming a mesh of fibers that interferes with the normal, healthy flow of blood. Neprinol offers a blend of powerful proteolytic enzymes, including amla, rutin, serrapeptase and nattokinase, whose combined actions assist the body's immune system response in fighting off any damage caused by the build up of fibrin. In addition to fibrin, Neprinol is also effective at helping to remove fats, decayed cells, yeast, and other unwanted materials that can accumulate in the bloodstream over time.

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90 Capsules