Nanopro PRP Immune 1.2 lb by BioPharma Scientific

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Featuring colostrum, NanoPro PRP Immune1.2 lb by BioPharma Scientific can offer sufferers of Crohn's, gluten intolerance and IBS some relief. This low carb, high protein additive by BioPharma Scientific offers you the chance to refuel after a tough exercise session or is simply a healthy meal replacement of supplement to a regular meal.

Your supply of NanoPro PRP Immune1.2 lb provides the ideal combination of great taste, excellent science and high-quality fuel for your body. NanoPro Immune supports tissue repair and regeneration, which is something that those who use weightlifting for exercise often look for in their refueling foods. The supplement also optimizes endogenous antioxidant status, promotes detoxification, modulates the body's immune system and helps promote positive biological growth.

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1.2 lb