MyPure Cordyceps 4X by Pure Essence

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If you™ve been trudging through your day, unable to get the refreshing sleep you need to rejuvenate your mind and body, you may suffering from burnout. Chronic stress can exhaust your adrenal glands, making it harder for you to fully relax and restore your energy during sleep. Using an adaptogen formula like MyPure Cordyceps 4X by Pure Essence can help promote a healthier stress response so your body and mind can recover. This concentrated formula provides the equivalent of 2300 mg of raw Cordyceps militaris powder in just one capsule. Cordyceps mushroom extract is known for promoting energy and vitality as well as supporting healthy liver function. Pure Essence™s MyPure Cordyceps 4X by Pure Essence can help you recharge and relax with the power of organic cordyceps.

The benefits of taking MyPure Cordyceps 4X may include:

  • Enhanced immune system response
  • Support for healthy liver function
  • Support for healthy stress response
  • Energy support
  • Improved mood
659670921018, 659670921025
Heat Sensitive Product
Manufacturer's Item Number
92101 (30 Capsules) | 92102 (60 capsules)
30 capsules | 60 capsules