Multiphasic Melatonin-SR 1.8 mg 60 tabs by Ecological Formulas

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Melatonin is a hormone that heavily influences the internal clock of a person's body. More melatonin is required to ensure sound, restful sleep, proper cellular repair and healthy mental function. Ecological Formulas Multiphasic Melatonin-SR 1.8 mg is a melatonin supplement designed to provide with a plentiful and reliable way to supplement your body with melotonin. This supplement can help you achieve a restful sleep more readily.

The overall function of Ecological Formulas Multiphasic Melatonin-SR 1.8 mg is to support healthy sleep cycles and the other processes within the body that requrie restful sleep to function.

The benefits of Multiphasic Melatonin-SR 1.8 mg by Ecological Formulas include:

  • Acquiring a more restful, deeper sleep.
  • Alleviating drowsiness, sluggishness and the tendency to fall asleep due to a poor rest.
  • Giving the brain more of an opportunity to organize itself, which in turn can help prevent memory problems.
  • Supports healthy cellular repair by helping to improve the quality of rest.
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