Mucolyxir 12 ml by Allergy Research Group

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Mucolyxir 12 mL is a dietary supplement that helps to get rid of the congestion caused by excess mucus. This Allergy Research Group product uses Pacific Salmon DNA to make breathing easier.


  • The Pacific Salmon DNA in Mucolyxir 12 mL enhances the movement of the bronchial tree cilia in the lungs. These structures are responsible for keeping the mucus in the lungs moving. By enhancing mucus movement through the lungs, Mucolyxir prevents congestion.
  • This Allergy Research Group product may help to liquefy the mucus. This makes it easier to expel from the body.
  • Mucolyxir supports the health of the entire respiratory tract.
  • It comes in an easy to swallow liquid formula.

Mucolyxir 12 mL helps to reduce mucus known as sputum, the body's response to harmful bacteria. This supplement from Allergy Research Group is recommended for people suffering from colds and people who want to enhance their respiratory health.

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12 mL (0.4 fl. oz.)