Melatonin 10mg 100 vcaps by Protocol For Life Balance

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Melatonin 10mg by Protocol For Life Balance is a dietary supplement designed to promote a healthy sleep cycle in addition to supporting gastrointestinal health. Melatonin 10mg by Protocol For Life Balance supplies the body with a hormone that is normally produced by the body's pineal gland. Having an adequate supply of melatonin is essential to good health as this hormone is responsible for regulating many important processes in the body, including sleep cycles, digestion and proper immune system function. This supplement is especially beneficial for individuals who perform shift work or travelers crossing many different time zones.

Individuals who take Melatonin 10mg by Protocol For Life Balance on a regular basis can enjoy several key health benefits:

  • Promotes a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Supports good gastrointestinal health.
  • Boosts immune system response.
  • Provides potent antioxidant action to protect cells from scavenging free radicals.
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