Theralac, Bio-Replenishing Probiotic 30 caps by Master Supplements Inc.

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Heat Sensitive Product
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Theralac, Bio-Replenishing Probiotic is a multi-strain probiotic formulated for both men and women. The strains used in this supplement synergize and work together to promote digestive health, wellness, and general well-being.

The use of Lactostim with these strains also promotes the rapid growth of all bacteria the body needs to function well. The technology used in this formulation delivers the probiotic strains deep into the digestive tract, after which Lactostim help stimulate their growth. The deep penetration of the good bacteria into your digestive tract helps to fight off the bad bacteria and keeps your body in its healthiest.

The Theralac, Bio-Replenishing Probiotic 30 caps provides you with:

  • The ultimate support for the digestive system
  • Prevention of digestion related illnesses
  • Protection from illnesses caused by penetration of bad bacteria into the blood
  • Maintaining the balance of bacteria in your digestive system
  • Energy boost
Heat Sensitive Product
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30 Capsules