Liquid Cal/Mag/D 15 oz by Douglas Labs

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Liquid Cal/Mag/D 15 oz by Douglas Labs is an essential supplement that may help support all of the organs. In addition, research suggests that this product may be helpful to those who would like to support their bone health by increasing their calcium and magnesium intake. Liquid Cal/Mag/D by Douglas Labs may also help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an ailment that severely reduces the density of minerals in the bones.

This ailment may often lead to fractures and extremely weakened bones. Due to having the lowest peak bone density of the US population, Caucasian and Asian women are most likely at risk of osteoporosis. As a result, it is essential that to take sufficient quantities of calcium and magnesium. Liquid Cal/Mag/D by Douglas Labs is an inexpensive health supplement that may help keep individuals feeling their best.

The health benefits of calcium and magnesium may potentially include:

  • Potentially help control metabolism
  • Reduction of some PMS symptoms
  • May support the cardiac system
  • May help to strengthen the bones
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