Lily Bulb 90 caps by Health Concerns

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Lily Bulb by Health Concerns is a dietary supplement based on the traditional Chinese herbal formula known as Bai He Gu Jin Tang, beneficial for moistening and nourishing the lungs in order to prevent chronic coughing. Lily Bulb by Health Concerns features a combination of herbal ingredients proven effective at clearing heat and bringing nourishing fluid to the lungs. These include the key ingredient, lily bulb, along with rehmannia, licorice, white peony root, platycodon, fritillaria root and tang kuei.

Individuals who take Lily Bulb by Health Concerns as directed on a regular basis can experience a range of important health benefits:

  • Helps to eliminate dryness in the throat, mouth and lungs.
  • Strengthens the lung yin.
  • Aids in eliminating persistent coughing.
  • Aids in nourishing and detoxifying the blood.
Heat Sensitive Product
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90 Capsules