Laktoferrin 350 mg 90 caps by Allergy Research Group

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Laktoferrin 350 mg 90 caps by Allergy Research Group is a bovine colostrum extract sourced from Dutch cattle milk, raised without any use of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. It boasts a purity of 95% and iron-binding capacity of 77.5% to 80.5%. The main ingredient is a peptide that is known to be involved in the processes of lymphocytes and metabolizing iron. It is also a regulator of how iron is absorbed and delivered within the cells. Some research also suggests that it may possible hinder the growth of some harmful bacteria and is involved in the function of bone marrow.

Most use it to treat ulcers in the stomach and intestine, hepatitis C and diarrhea. It can also be used as an antioxidant to potentially destroy foreign invaders in the form of viruses and bacteria. Many individuals also take laktoferrin to help potentially stimulate the immune system, possibly promote the growth of healthy bacteria, reduce potential tissue damage due to aging and help in regulating iron processing. Researchers even suggest its use for solving severe diarrhea and iron deficiency in some cases.

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