L-Serine 500 mg 60 caps by Douglas Labs

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L-Serine by Douglas Labs is a supplement that is an amino acid that is essential for some functions of the body. This is an important component with the metabolism in the body. L-Serine by Douglas Labs maintains the proper function of the nervous system. It can sometimes be used in treating mental disorders and calming the symptoms of mood swings. L-Serine by Douglas Labs has enzymes that turn into serotonin. This makes the supplement something that can be used for anxiety, insomnia, depression and confusion. Some people who have Alzheimer's can take the supplement to relieve the symptoms seen. It can also be used to treat some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  • Aids in metabolism
  • Calms symptoms of mood swings
  • Essential for proper function of nervous system

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60 caps