L-Carnitine 60 vcaps by BioGenesis

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The body uses carnitine to metabolize fatty acids, which is a process that converts fat into energy. Carnitine is created in the liver and kidneys through the synthesis of methionine and lysine. It is an important compound because it is directly involved in the body's energy metabolism process. Regularly taking L-Carnitine veggie capsules by BioGenesis ensures that your body is able to produce the amount of energy it needs to properly function.

In addition, taking L-Carnitine veggie capsules by BioGenesis offers other benefits, which include:

  • Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Supporting the creation of connective tissue.
  • Promoting proper cell renewal.
  • Supporting the energy supply to the body's brain cells.
  • Reducing the body's stress levels.

L-Carnitine veggie capsules by BioGenesis is an essential supplement for people who are unable to naturally synthesize carnitine, have an unusually low energy level or take medications that lower carnitine levels in the body.

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