Ther-Biotic Synbiotic by Klaire Labs

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Ther-Biotic Synbiotic is a next-generation, shelf-stable combination of clinically demonstrated probiotics with the low-FODMAP prebiotic SunFiber. Designed to expand upon the beneficial effects of our celebrated Ther-Biotic line, this synergistic blend of seven targeted probiotics and a prebiotic leverages new research and cutting-edge functionality to provide a more profound entourage effect on GI ecology than probiotics or prebiotics alone.

With 50B CFU per capsule and strain identification for optimal transparency, Ther-Biotic Synbiotic is specially formulated to address unique GI requirements, ensuring comprehensive microbiome, immune, and healthy inflammation support thats suitable for any individual, from the healthiest to the most sensitive.
-Bifidobacterium lactis

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