K-Bicarb 100 caps by Bio-Tech

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Without a proper supply of the essential mineral potassium, the body can't maintain normal levels of blood pressure and good cardiovascular health. K-Bicarb from Bio-Tech is a dietary supplement designed to ensure that individuals receive the supply of potassium necessary to complete a variety of physiological functions, including neurotransmission, proper acid-base balance, and muscle contraction. K-Bicarb from Bio-Tech is formulated with potassium bicarbonate for optimum effectiveness.

Individuals who take K-Bicarb from Bio-Tech on a daily basis as directed can achieve a number of significant health benefits:

  • Improves the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Aids in transporting nutrients in and out of cells.
  • Supports the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels.
  • Helps to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Promotes the maintenance of a healthy water balance in the body to prevent dehydration.
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