Baby & Me Multivitamin 60 tabs by Innate Response

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Baby & Me Multivitamin 60 tabs by Innate Response provides targeted supplementation for pregnant women. The specifically designed formula offers nutrients for both mother and child to support a healthy pregnancy.

A blend that is free of calcium and magnesium to ensure proper absorption of all the vitamins present. Choline and folate support developing fetal neural health as well as mothers' cognitive function. B6 and B12 aid with appropriate energy, metabolism, and neuromuscular function. Vitamin D supports healthy bone development and strength as well as promoting height growth in developing children. Iron, which is required at higher levels during pregnancy, maintains healthy blood cell production. Two tablet multivitamin that can be taken at any time of the day.

Innate Response's Baby & Me Multivitamin 60 tabs offer a supplemental for pregnant mothers and their developing child that

  • Aids in proper bone development
  • Supports neurological development and cognition
  • Provides essential vitamins for a healthy pregnancy

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