Hawthorn Blend 4 oz by Herb Pharm

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Hawthorn Blend by Herb Pharm is a proprietary blend of liquid herbal extracts whose primary ingredients include Hawthorn leaf and flower as well as Hawthorn berry. Taking Hawthorn Blend is a popular part of the daily health regimen of individuals who want to promote healthy heart function as well as good circulation. Herb Pharm produces its proprietary Hawthorn Blend by selecting only certified organically grown plant ingredients, then sustainably wildcrafting this bioactive compound to provide maximum benefits when taken as directed on a regular basis.

Hawthorn grows in northern temperate climates and is a member of the rose family. Its leaves, berries and flowers have long been used in herbal medicine, particularly to provide relief for conditions related to the heart, blood vessels and the circulatory system. Hawthorne helps to increase the amount of blood that pumps out of the heart in addition to widening blood vessels for improved circulation. Whether an individual suffers from high or low blood pressure, frequent chest pain known as angina, high cholesterol levels, irregular heartbeat or a hardening of the arteries, Hawthorn Blend can prove to be a very helpful nutritional supplement to help eliminate or reduce adverse symptoms associated with any of these conditions.

When taken internally, Hawthorn Blend can help to ease stomach pain caused by overeating, indigestion and diarrhea. It can also be an effective method of treating tapeworm or other infections related to the intestines. When used externally, Hawthorne extract can be applied to itchy skin, sores, boils and skin ulcers to help reduce the chance of infection and provide pain relief. Research has also proven that Hawthorn Blend works to lower the level of dangerous fats in the body to help reduce the formation of bad cholesterol.

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4 fl oz (120 mL) Liquid