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As people age, it becomes extremely important to balance the minerals inside their bodies. GUNA - Basic 15 sachets from GUNA are specially formulated to aid in the balancing of essential minerals in the body. The minerals and herbal extracts in this supplement are perfect for people who are older than 50 and have a diet that is high in protein. GUNA - Basic 15 sachets are also perfect for athletes who want to stay in shape or for smokers and drinkers who want to detox their bodies. This supplement from GUNA also aids the body in dealing with stress.

• GUNA - Basic 15 sachets rebalance minerals in the body to maintain proper function.
• This product from GUNA also supports detoxification by draining waste and toxins from the body.
• It aids in cell membrane permeability.
• The supplement helps rebuild and nourish protective tissues in the body.
• GUNA - Basic 15 sachets supports healthy digestion.

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15 sachets