Growth Hormone Support 90 vcaps by Pure Encapsulations

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Growth Hormone Support is supplement that may promote muscle protein synthesis. This Pure Encapsulations hormone support product combines a number of amino acids that help muscles recover and develop after vigorous exercise.


  • The amino acids found in Growth Hormone Support, ornithine and arginine, support the production of growth hormones. Growth hormones are responsible for replenishing tissues during sleep and after exercise.
  • Arginine is a precursor for protein synthesis, which is integral to the development of lean muscles.
  • Ornithine promotes nitrogen balance, which is key to overall muscle functionality.
  • When combined with the appropriate exercise regimen, the arginine and ornithine in this effective supplement from Pure Encapsulations can help people increase their muscle mass.

Growth Hormone Support uses two potent amino acids to revitalize tired muscles, jump start growth hormones, promote protein synthesis, and more. This product from Pure Encapsulations is recommended for anyone who wants to supplement their high intensity exercise program and optimize muscular health.

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