Gastro Pro 120 vcaps by Progressive Labs

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Support gastrointestinal functions with Gastro Pro by Progressive Labs. This effective dietary supplement is formulated with key ingredients such as botanicals in order to help regulate the digestive system. Some additional benefits of the nutrients in Gastro Pro from Progressive Labs include:

  • Mastic gum is derived from the bark of the mastic tree. This ingredient has been shown to reduce stomach acid levels, protect the lining of the stomach, and prevent the formation of ulcers
  • Neem leaf powder is known for containing possible medicinal properties. The botanical may relieve symptoms associated with upset stomach and appetite loss. Neem leaf powder is also designed to facilitate optimal liver function
  • Colostrum is an important substance that precedes the actual production of breast milk in mammals. According to many studies, the antibodies in colostrums can strengthen the immune system
  • Gastro Pro from Progressive Labs is also formulated with Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract, which can reduce the onset of gastric ulcers and other problematic conditions of the digestive system
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120 vcaps