Vitamin Code Raw B Complex 120 vegcaps by Garden of Life

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Vitamin Code Raw B Complex 120 vegcaps by Garden of Life is a whole food B vitamin supplement with additional nutritional support. This comprehensive formula contains B vitamins, and organic fruit and vegetable blend, and an enzyme and probiotic blend in 2 capsules a day serving. 

B vitamins provide energy by processing food and turning it into energy the body can use. This ensures the absorption and proper use of the nutrients we intake. The enzyme blend helps to break down the protein, fats, and carbohydrates into simpler forms to be used by the body. Probiotics aid in digestion, create natural antibodies, boost immune cells, and aid in weight management. The fruit and vegetable blend contains over 20 different varieties packed with nutrients. A vegan, gluten-free whole food formula for metabolism, energy, heart, and immune health.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B Complex 120 vegcaps provides a B vitamin and nutrient-packed dietary supplement.

  • Enzymes and probiotics for digestion and absorption
  • Hard to get greens and vegetables
  • Packed with whole nutrients
  • Promotes energy metabolism

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    120 vegetable capsules