Lovely Legs 30 caplets by Garden Of Life

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Lovely Legs 30 caplets by Garden of Life is natural supplement support for those who deal with varicose or spider veins. Lovely Legs contains 600 mg of 95% diosmin, which helps reduce inflammation and support normal blood flow,

Diosmin is a flavonoid from the peel of citrus fruits, mostly orange rinds, that has long helped those with impaired blood flow. Varicose veins are twisted or enlarged veins that appear to be bulging near the surface due to improper blood flow to them. The reduction in inflammation provided by diosmin helps with all blood vessel disorders and swollen veins. Blood clots can form from improper blood flow and lead to a heart attack or stroke. Overall circulation will be improved, thus reducing the appearance of the enlarged varicose veins caused by blockages.

Garden of Life Lovely Legs 30 caplets can provide needed help to those with varicose or spider veins by

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Lessening the appearance of enlarged superficial veins

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    30 Vegetable Caplets