Keto Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder 30 servings by Garden Of Life

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Garden of Eden Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder is a great choice for those trying to meet their individual goals on a ketogenic diet. Organic grass fed butter powder naturally contains vitamins, minerals, MCT, CLA, and vitamin A.  MCT, or medium chain tri-glycerides, are medium length chains of fat. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are more easily absorbed. They are also converted to ketones in the liver.  CLA is another type of fatty acid.  CLA is a polyunsaturated, omega-6 fatty acid. Its a naturally occurring trans-fat, which may offer more health benefits. CLA is more prominent in cows that are grass fed.  Organic Grass Fed Butter Powder by Garden of Eden, is also shelf stable making it an easy addition to smoothies, shakes, coffee, and other dishes. Organic grass fed butter powder by Garden of Eden provides:

  • Fuel for your brain & body
  • CLA, MCT, and vitamin A
  • No rBST, rBGH, or antibiotics
  • Shelf stable convenience
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