Folic Acid 20 mg 100 caps by Bio-Tech

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The Folic Acid 20 mg by Bio-Tech provides expectant mothers the nutrients they need for optimal health. This all-natural supplement contains one of the most important nutrients for expecting mothers or those planning to get pregnant. The Folic Acid 20 mg by Bio-Tech has been effective at reducing health risks to the unborn child and:

  • Aids developing child in womb
  • Provides prenatal support for expecting mothers
  • Has been effective for overall women's heart health
  • Promotes an overall healthy nervous system
  • Research shows supplementation with folate supports cardiovascular and bone health by balancing homocysteine metabolism
The Folic Acid 20 mg by Bio-Tech provides expecting mother's the support them need to ensure the newborn has optimal health benefits. The vegetarian supplement contains folic acid, a member of the essential vitamin B family. The Folic Acid 20 mg by Bio-Tech can promote healthy red blood cells and healthier nervous system. Folic acid is naturally found in leafy greens, women can not incorporate these all-natural supplements as a healthy alternative to more vegetables in the diet.
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