DHEA Sublingual 25 mg by Douglas Labs

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DHEA Sublingual 25 mg by Douglas Labs is a dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, supplement for those interested in regulating their internal body chemistry. Bodybuilders can also benefit when they take DHEA Sublingual 25 mg tablets by Douglas Labs.

  • Stronger bone density, as DHEA is one of the most powerful supplements that helps prevent bone loss from diseases and the effects of aging
  • Studies show that DHEA can be an effective supplementary treatment option for depression and other mental disorders, and higher levels of DHEA are associated with treatment plans for depression
  • Studies also show that DHEA can provide users with weight loss benefits, and it may even boost the user's metabolism
  • There is also some evidence that suggests that DHEA can help users who suffer from adrenal deficiencies

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