D3 5000 120 Softgels by Nutri-Dyn

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Nutri-Dyn D3 5000 Softgels provide a potent and natural source of vitamin D3, which evidence has shown may promote a healthy cardiovascular system, bone structure, mood and immune system. This nutrient is essential for the proper functioning of all the bodys cells, but research suggests that most people are deficient in it due to low sun exposure and a lack of the vitamin in dietary sources. Furthermore, aging and certain health problems may increase the bodys need for vitamin D.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with Nutri-Dyn D3 5000 Softgels:

  • Supports proper cellular function
  • Promotes healthy calcium absorption
  • Essential for muscle and brain function and supports cognitive and cardiovascular health
  • May improve the health of bones and teeth
  • May improve mood

When people are deficient in this nutrient, it can impact many aspects of health. If a blood test has shown that your vitamin D levels are low, or if youre unable to get adequate sun exposure, taking this supplement can help you keep your levels in a healthy range.

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