Citicoline 250 mg 60 caps by Jarrow Formulas

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Citicoline 250 mg by Jarrow Formulas is a dietary supplement designed to promote healthy brain and cognitive function, especially memory. The main active ingredient in Citicoline 250 mg from Jarrow Formulas is stabilized CDP Choline, a natural substance involved in the synthesis of a major constituent of brain tissue gray matter. It not only enhances acetylcholine synthesis, but also helps restore phospholipid content in the brain which affect quality of memory and other cognitive functions. This is an ideal supplement for individuals over the age of 50 who want to reduce their risk of mental decline due to aging.
Men and women who incorporate Citicoline 250 mg from Jarrow Formulas into their daily dietary routine can expect to enjoy several key health benefits:

  • Promotes healthy brain function.
  • Supports healthy cognitive functions including memory.
  • Helps restore phospholipid content in the brain.
  • Enhances blood circulation to the brain.
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