Chaste Tree Berry 60 vcaps by Vitanica

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The Chaste Tree Berry supplement by Vitanica uses the powerful Vitex herb to help many women. Vitex has been used for centuries to help women regulate their hormone levels and menstrual cycles. It is one of the most reliable herbs when it comes to hormones and women's health. The Chaste Tree Berry supplement by Vitanica has been used to:

• Relieve the symptoms of PMS
• Promote regular monthly cycles
• Decrease the occurrence of breast cysts
• Reduce the incidence of endometriosis and uterine fibroids
• Strengthen and tone the uterine muscles
• Balance hormones and increase fertility

In addition, the Chaste Tree Berry supplement by Vitanica has been used to decrease headaches, help clear up acne caused by hormonal imbalances, decrease nausea and help to ease symptoms during menopause. Vitex has also been known to reduce heavy periods and help control post partum bleeding. This supplement contains both whole chase berry and chaste berry extract to provide for use of its full benefits.

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60 vcaps