Celtic Sea Salt Organ Seas Smoked 3.4oz by Celtic Ocean Int.

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Use this naturally seasoned salt from Celtic Ocean Int. to add richness and depth of flavor to your savory dishes. Use Organic Sea Salt Smoked as liberally as you would any other salt for the taste you expect and a warmth you've never experienced in a salt before.

  • Organic Sea Salt Smoked is roasted for 60 hours to imbue it with its unique flavor
  • The one-of-a-kind, slightly sweet taste comes from Red Rome Beauty applewood.
  • Celtic Ocean Int. recommends using Organic Sea Salt Smoked as a rub for meats before roasting or barbecuing.
  • Organic Sea Salt Smoked is also great in picnic foods like potato salad.
  • Add it to soups for a new kind of kick that plain salt doesn't provide.

Celtic Ocean Int. uses only the finest ingredients and stays true to home-grown values when producing this salt. You'll never go back to plain salt after trying this artisanal flavor blend.

Heat Sensitive Product
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