CDP Choline 60 Caps by Klaire Labs

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The CDP Choline by Klaire Labs is a dietary supplement that helps to promote healthy brain metabolism and improved memory. These all-natural vegetarian capsules help to improve cognitive function and promote optimal brain functions. The CDP Choline by Klaire Labs can help to improve memory and:

ƒ?› Reduce frustration over fogginess and forgetfulness
ƒ?› Sharpen the memory and increase memory recall
ƒ?› Reduce mental struggles while improving focus
ƒ?› Aids is restoring brain chemicals and improving brain metabolism

The CDP Choline by Klaire Labs helps the brain to replenish essential nutrients and components. These easy to swallow gluten-free capsules are intended to promote healthy memory and cognitive function. The CDP Choline by Complementary Prescriptions helps the brain to synthesize phosphatidylcholine, otherwise known as PC. This is an integral part of grey matter of the brain that can have a direct impact on your short-term memory. This supplement supports memory retention, is a brain lipid precursor for PC, and is a neurotransmitter precursor for acetylcholine.

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60 Caps